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Final Days

*For easy breezy shopping, just click on an item from the board to be taken directly to it.

The #nsale is down to the final days! I decided to make one final board for the sale, of some of the pieces that are still in stock and available.

This really is the best sale and I’ve purchased so many items, not only for fall but things I can use year round!

You can see some of my original posts here and here.

Happy shopping & God bless

Pineapples & Stripes

{Nordstrom, #Nsale, Louis Vuitton Handbag}Top:GAP{similar,on sale}//Cargo:Hudson{select sizes}//Phone Case:Sonix//Handbag:Louis Vuitton//Sunglasses:Tory Burch//Necklace:Kendra Scott{#NSale}//Bracelet:Kendra Scott, David Yurman & David Yurman//Ring:David Yurman//Sandals:Tory Burch//Lip:’Whirl‘ & ‘Velvet Teddy

I’m moving so it’s been crazy and I have found things I didn’t even know I had or that are just coming out of no where. Wait ,what is even the purpose of this item! Or, Wow I have 23 pillows?! It doesn’t seem like a lot when your settled into your place, but when you need boxes to store everything that’s when it becomes a issue. So that’s what my week looks like!

What about yours?!

Thanks for reading & God bless


Plain White T

Top:Nordstrom{Anniversary Sale}//Shorts:Target//Necklace:Target&Kendra Scott{Anniversary Sale}//Sunglasses:Ray-Ban//Bracelets:J.Crew, David Yurman&David Yurman//Ring:David Yurman//Handbag:Rebecca Minkoff{NSALE option}//Flats:Sam Edelman

Happy day ladies!

These are some of my favorite Nordstrom sale purchases, this tee is super comfy and is selling out in certain colors and sizes so be sure to snatch it up while you can. This KS necklace has not left my neck since I purchased it! It goes with anything and is the prettiest color, it also comes in other colors as well.

On another note I have the bag and shoes I’m wearing listed on my Poshmark, and a bunch of other items…135…to be exact! I’m trying to downsize, and have been listing like a crazy person so keep your eyes peeled for new items.

As always if you need any styling tips or advice you can find me here. I’d be happy to help!

Thanks for reading and God bless

Dressed Up

Dress:ASTR{similar under $50 a part of the Nordstrom sale}//Sunglasses:Celine//Earrings:Nordstrom {similar also a part of the Nordstrom sale}//Bracelets:David Yurman&David Yurman//Ring:David Yurman//Clutch:Dolce & Gabbana//Heels:Jimmy Choo//Lip:MAC ‘Whirl‘ & ‘Whirl

A few more picks from the Nordstrom sale…

God bless & Thanks so much for reading!

Summer Breeze

Tank:Target//Shorts:Target//Handbag:Rebecca Minkoff{this one is on sale}//Necklace c/o Le Boutique Shop//Bracelets:J.Crew, David Yurman & David Yurman//Ring:David Yurman//Sunglasses:Ray-Ban//Sandals:Tory Burch//Lips: ‘Whirl‘ & ‘Whirl

Top of the morning!

These shorts are so comfy, loose and feel like I’m wearing PJs. Super obsessed! My top and shorts are both from Target…bargain shopper. I would highly suggest grabbing these shorts, they would go with anything, run true to size, and look super cute on.

If you need any shopping help you can reach me at, or find me here.

Hottest Nordstrom Sale picks here…

My look…

Thanks for reading and I hope your Monday is pleasant and you are blessed all through the week!

God bless

It’s Here


07-13-15-p00-cid0717156724-anniversary-countdowntostart-7-adam-a64a9874-551b-4c9e-9d91-a4c70180a01f-fil-file-1*Like what you see?! All these items are clickable, it will take you directly to the item

It’s here! Tomorrow can’t come fast enough, I completely agree!

Everyone now has access to this sale, tonight at midnight through August 2. I’m snatching up as many items as my wallet aka my husband will allow…haha.

Will you be picking up anything from the sale?! You can see my original post about it here and some of my earlier picks below…

My under $50 picks…

Today’s items…

Happy shopping, if you need any help you can email me at! You can also find me here.

Thanks for reading and God bless

Denim & Cargo

{Nordstrom Anniversary Fall Sale, #NSale}{Nordstrom Anniversary Fall Sale, #NSale}{Nordstrom Anniversary Fall Sale, #NSale}{Nordstrom Anniversary Fall Sale, #NSale}Jacket:Gap{similar}//Top:Halogen{On sale $16}//Cargo:Joie{On sale}//Necklace:c/o Le Boutique//Sunglasses:Celine//Bracelets:J.Crew,David Yurman&David Yurman//Ring:David Yurman//Handbag:Rebecca Minkoff{or this one on sale}//Sandals:Tory Burch//Lipstick:MAC ‘Whirl

I know, I know…you ladies are probably sick of hearing about the Nordstrom sale and honestly, it hasn’t even started yet!

Let’s get real here, I know every blogger you follow is talking about it and you pretty much have seen everything that is on sale when you surf the hashtag #nsale. You’ve seen more collages and item images then you need to in one lifetime! Believe me I have as well, but {there is always a but isn’t there, any of you have kids between the ages of 4-8? That’s their favorite word right now isn’t it?!} it really is a good sale.

Ever want to buy over the heel boots without buyers remorse? Now is the time, who doesn’t want brand new fall merchandise at a lower cost for a limited time only?! I mean this isn’t product that is out of date, season, and the store needs space for the box loads of new fabulous things. No! This is brand new fall boots, clothing, hats, accessories and anything else you can think of that will be on the racks long after the sale is over. Meaning? You walk into Nordstrom and there they are the Tory Burch boots you saw on approximately 112 fashion blogger’s blogs, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. You know that they were exactly $354.9o when the sale was going on, but now it’s October and you feel the need to sip a Pumpkin Spice Latte, and to wear a scarf…but what..the boots are now $595.

You go home sad and alone. Do you get my point? I’m a great story teller, I can paint a very vivid picture. Ha! The sale is currently available for those who are Nordstrom Reward members/cardholders. It begins for everyone on the 17th! You can find my original post here.

So incase you are interested here are a few picks of mine under $50…

What I’m wearing in this post…

I Scream, You Scream

{Foodie, Ice Cream, Target Style, Yellow Sunshine Celine Handbag} {Foodie, Ice Cream, Target Style, Yellow Sunshine Celine Handbag} {Foodie, Ice Cream, Target Style, Yellow Sunshine Celine Handbag} {Foodie, Ice Cream, Target Style, Yellow Sunshine Celine Handbag}T-Shirt:Target {Plus Sizes only}//Jeans:J.Crew//Necklace:Jennifer Zeuner//Bracelets:J.Crew & Bauble Bar//Sunglasses:Nordstrom{similar}//Handbag:Celine//Sandals:Tory Burch//Lips:MAC ‘Whirl

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Well not me, because it’s Monday…diet day. So this top will have to do! It’s only available in plus sizes online, but if that doesn’t work here is a few foodie tees that are super cute too.

The best part is they are all under $15! Who doesn’t love a bargain?

Any of you shop the Anniversary Sale yet? It’s still early access, but the count down is on for it to open to the public. 4 days! So be prepared, you can find my post about it here and you can shop a few of my very favorites below:

If you need any shopping or styling help you can find me here, or email me.

Thanks for reading and God bless!

Pineapple & Patterns

{Pineapple Tory Burch Tote, Sweetest Stitch Boutique, Snow Leopard Dress, Tassel Necklace} {Pineapple Tory Burch Tote, Sweetest Stitch Boutique, Snow Leopard Dress, Tassel Necklace} {Pineapple Tory Burch Tote, Sweetest Stitch Boutique, Snow Leopard Dress, Tassel Necklace} {Pineapple Tory Burch Tote, Sweetest Stitch Boutique, Snow Leopard Dress, Tassel Necklace} {Pineapple Tory Burch Tote, Sweetest Stitch Boutique, Snow Leopard Dress, Tassel Necklace} {Pineapple Tory Burch Tote, Sweetest Stitch Boutique, Snow Leopard Dress, Tassel Necklace} {Pineapple Tory Burch Tote, Sweetest Stitch Boutique, Snow Leopard Dress, Tassel Necklace}Dress:c/o Sweetest Stitch{Under $50}//Handbag:Tory Burch//Sunglasses:Tory Burch//Necklace:c/o Le Boutique//Bracelets:J.Crew& J.Crew//Heels:Lilly Pulitzer for Target 

Happy Friday and happy shopping!

 This Tory Burch bag is %50 off. So that means happy friday indeed! Next, is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It’s exclusive early access if you are a Nordstrom cardholder, but it’s only the beginning so if you’re not that’s ok it opens to the public on July 17th. Either way, you can shop or sneak a peek at my top picks here.

Also, this dress is my new favorite. It is perfect for the summer and would make an excellent fall transition piece.

If you ever need any styling help or tips, you can book a session with me here.

Thanks for visiting and God bless!


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, Annual Sale, Nordstrom, Fall, Style

*For easy breezy shopping, click on the photo of the item you like and it will take you directly to it!Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, Annual Sale, Nordstrom, Fall, Style

Well ladies the best day in history has arrived! Ok, Ok maybe not the best day. First, Jesus then our wedding days and the birth of the children some of you have but right after that is…let’s say it together. Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! These are a few of my favorite pieces, now to have early access you can apply for a card here or if you are a girl like me who’s husband is like ”No more cards for you!” You can link it to your personal debit account and have all the same perks and benefit as a Nordstrom credit card holder.

I don’t know about you, but after looking at all these fabulous fall pieces I’m dreaming of Pumpkin Spice Lattes and changing leaves. We all know that with boots, and jackets fall fashion can get pretty pricey. If you’re having a hard time wrapping your mind around the fact that fall will be here quicker than a blink when you’re hanging by the pool because it’s 1 million degrees outside and the walk from the car to the store seems like you’ve traveled over the Arabian Desert! I’ll be the one to burst your summer bubble {trust me I’m taking this as hard as you are}, now is the time to start the fall shopping. The prices are to good to pass up, you will save money by being ahead of the game. The plus sides are money saved and being prepared and in style when fall arrives.

I’m also a personal stylist now! If you want to book a session or just have questions about anything you can email me. {}

Hope the shopping goes well!

God bless