Christmas Cozies

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Christmas cozies are a must! Especially, when it gets cold and you feel like you need some Hot Coco and warm socks. That’s what it’s been like over here! When I finally decide to get out of bed the floors are like walking on ice. I want pajamas that feel like a blanket, socks that feel like fur, and a cup of tea that I can wrap my hands around and instantly feel warmer.

I will be picking up a few of these items along with a Santa hat…just because I’m weird!  I so desperately want to start decking the halls. I usually hate having Christmas decorations up early but I’ll be out-of-town over Thanksgiving week so to avoid added stress because I’m quite the worrier I’ll get my tree up soon. In fact when I’m in the middle of packing or trying to put a packing list together to gather what I need, I always have dreams leading up to my departure of me leaving something important like my suitcase or makeup behind.

All things I can buy and are certainly not life and death issues but that’s how often it’s on my mind! I’m a little OCD!

Anyway, thanks for reading and this holiday season I’d love to hear about your gift ideas or what you do to stay ahead of the game for a stress free Christmas season. Email me or find me on Instagram! Also, if you ever need any help shopping, need some ideas, or like a specific price point. Just feel free to ask!

 God bless

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