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Baby On The Way…

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Baby on the way...

The secret is out! I'm having my second baby, maybe a little bit sooner than I planned but feeling so blessed at the thought of another tiny newborn to cuddle. There is nothing like a baby! Can I get an amen from all mamas out there! They are such a blessing and the greatest reward on earth. I love kids and I'm completely shocked and amazed that I'll have 2 under 2. I thought there would at least be 2 years between them, but God had bigger plans and my quote throughout this whole pregnancy has been. ''God hasn't failed me yet, and I know he's not about to start!'' God's plans truly amaze and excite me. Just when I think I have it all figured out he goes before me and shows me he has something better in mind. Oh what an amazing God we serve! 

How I'm feeling: 

Incredible! I didn't know pregnancy could be this wonderful, I've only thrown up about 5 times. I'm tired but that's about the worst of it. This pregnancy is so different compared to my last one. I was sick every day until I was about 14-16 weeks. God has blessed me yet again since this go around I have a 1-year-old to take care of. 

How far along am I:

14 weeks and a few days. My due date is August 1st!

Cravings or Aversions:​

I just like food...all food. So I'm craving to gain lots of weight. Haha! No aversions yet. Mainly because I haven't thrown up a ton of my favorite foods because that would gross anyone out then add pregnancy into the mix. I still don't eat food I threw up with Chuck. I HATE Chickfila and I use to love it before I had kids. 

Weight Gain: ​

I'm not even sure. Last time I weight it was like 4 or 5 lbs.


I'm sharing soon so stay tuned. What is your guess?​

Physical Changes:​

Mainly, just puffy and bloated and 5 lbs heavier but no real bump yet. They say it pops out so much sooner the second time. Plus I got pregnant 11 months postpartum with Chuck. So I'm sure it will be soon. With Chuck it was around 28 weeks, it will probably be way sooner with this one!​

I'll be keeping you ladies updated throughout this whole pregnancy so if you have any questions just let me know!​

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God bless

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