Thank you for your interest in sponsoring Little Miss Fashion Queen, I’m so thrilled to collaborate in anyway!!!!


 If you are interested in working together please contact me at Claire@littlemissfashionqueen.com for any and all further inquiries. Please use SPONSOR in the subject field, I always use a sponsor disclaimer on sponsored posts. I will happily let you know all my stats and other information if desired, just let me know!


Feature Product:

I would love to wear an article of clothing, jewelry, etc. with an outfit as a post or feature, if it reflects my personal style and would be something that my readers would enjoy.Anything sent to me to review will have a “c/o” next to it stating that it was a “courtesy of” item.

I currently would love products for giveaways or discount codes. Rules of the giveaway will be decided between the sponsor and I.
Please email me for any additional information at Claire@littlemissfashionqueen.com thank you so very much and I look forward to hearing from you!