Tips on Shopping the Sale

Guy the count down is on for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

This sale is easily one of my favorite sales of the whole year! I’m so looking forward to sharing with you guys all of the amazing things that I find for both myself and all you lovely ladies! I’m going to be sharing things from the sale with you and also updating my blog, Instagram, Instagram Stories and Facebook daily, so make sure you are following along to see my favorites and the best deals!

The sale catalog was just released and you can see a sneak peek here. I’ll be sharing my favorite picks very soon but until then be sure to bookmark my page Nordstrom Anniversary Sale so you can stay up to date and see everything in one place as well as have all of the tips and tricks for shopping the sale without a hitch!


The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale will feature new items for fall and winter but at a hugely discounted price! However, since it’s new collections being put on sale once the sale is over they will be restocked and be sold at full price!

When does the sale begin..

The sale will begin July 21st through August 6th, but you can shop it early if you are a Nordstrom card holder. Early Access for card holders begins July 13th through July 21st, then it is open to the public to shop!

What makes this sale different?!

This sale is different from any other sale because…this sale is 100% new inventory!

 It will be the most wonderful/amazing items for both fall and winter! I think I said something along these lines last year but you’ll be kicking yourself when fall comes even though while you are shopping for sweaters and over the knee boots it’s 120 degrees and dust storming outside.

Wait…that’s not happening to you right now?!

Oh that’s right you don’t live in Arizona!

Anyway, buy the jacket. When you actually feel like it, it will be full price when it was once on sale. Or an even worse nightmare, it becomes sold out before you can get it out of your online cart! Items tend to sell out very fast, so click quickly. This is also a great time to pick up some designer items because they are on sale also!

What is best way to shop?

 I will be updating my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale tab here on the blog and also sharing on my social accounts all through the sale, so be on the lookout for my picks. It takes out some of the work for you. Plus you don’t have to stay up until 2 am when the sale goes live to see the picks. Ha!

So here’s my advice. Incase you want it!

Be a smart shopper – You can make a list of some things that you will need for fall. It’s usually jeans, boots, jackets and staple items. I do try to buy a few designer, like boots and handbags. I tend to pick things I’m going to wear and need but don’t want to pay full price for when the season approaches.

Be an early shopper–If you have a Nordstrom card shop before the public. {Because you can so why not?!}

Be a quick click shopper – If you have your eye on something be sure to click and buy ASAP. Whether it’s because you’re watching an Instagram story and you’ve swiped up, or in the app, or right here on the blog get it right then and there. The best part about shopping with Nordstrom is that Nordstrom offers free shipping, so you can buy as many orders as you’d like for no additional cost. This really isn’t time to think about having buyer’s remorse…purchase it and return it if you get it and don’t care for it. Things sell out to quickly and aren’t always replenished so shop like it’s your last day to shop!